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Online BlackJack - A Complete Guide to Blackjack

Blackjack Informer is here to help people who may or may not have a good understanding of the game of blackjack (sometimes called 21). Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world mainly becuase it is such a seemingly easy game to learn. In reality, most people think they know how to play blackjack, but really they are just gambling. Blackjack Informer is here to inform you on the proper way to play blackjack whether it be casino blackjack or online blackjack.

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Blackjack Tips

Many players will give other players tips on blackjack, and sometimes these tips can lead to a player developing bad habits by assuming too much. For example: Did you know that assuming the dealer's hole card is always a ten can result in a house advantage of around 10%? Proper play with basic strategy should leave the player at about a .5% disadvantage. That is a big difference in losses should the player choose to adopt this style of play for some reason.

Another tip often given out by the so called blackjack experts is to never bust. This means that a player will not hit a hard 12 or higher. Depending on whether or not a player applies basic strategy to the hands he or she does hit this style of play can leave the player at about a 4% disadvantage.

Yet another wive's tale in the world of blackjack is that a player should imitate the dealer. This means that the player will stick to the dealers rules. No splitting or doubling, and the player must hit on a 16 or lower. This strategy leaves the player at about a 6% disadvantage to the house.

When it comes to blackjack tips there is but one golden ticket. It is called basic strategy. Basic strategy is the most mathematically correct way to play blackjack in order to ensure that the house has the least amount of edge on the player. For the most part (depending on rules), basic strategy will leave the house at about a .5% advantage over the player.

Blackjack Guide

The blackjack guide found on this site should be everything a player needs to get started playing blackjack the right way. The worst part about blackjack is that most players do not learn the proper way to play from the beginning. They are simply gambling on every hand. While this may be fun, it can often be costly. Read through our guide to learn about the rules, etiquette, hand values, strategy, and game & rule variations in blacjack. You can rest assured that with this blackjack guide you will be able to improve your win rate when you play Blackjack for real money. It's just a matter of following all of the best practices and strategies.

The three above mentioned strategies are some of the most common reasons for big losses when playing blackjack. Why? Because they are statistically bad strategies that some players mistakenly believe are good strategies. Just imagine sitting next to a man at a casino who has just been on a $500 dollar run. He then tells you that the way he is doing it is to mimic the dealer. You then believe that this is a good strategy because this guy has just won $500. This is how bad blackjack strategies and tips spread. Consider yourself ahead of the crowd just by the fact alone that you are smart enough to do your research on the game. This will save you so much money on your next trip to the casino.

Casino Bonuses

Once you have perfected your blackjack skills it is time to find an online casino. The best casinos usually have great new player bonuses. We recommend you check out CasinoBonus.net for a good online casino bonus. Different casinos have different bonuses depending on the current promotions to play online blackjack or other casino games. Be sure to read the reviews and shop around before deciding on where to play. Good luck!


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